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Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG)
JDIG is a performance-based, discretionary cash grant program that assists new and expanding companies in offsetting the cost of locating or expanding a business facility in North Carolina. The grant is a percentage of the personal income tax withholdings of new jobs and weighs several factors including the project location, the number of net new jobs, the job wages compared to the county average wage, the level of investment and whether the company industry is a state targeted industry. Grants are disbursed annually for a term up to 12 years.

For high-yield projects that invest more than $500 million and create more than 1,750 jobs, JDIG may provide a grant worth up to 100% of personal income tax withholdings for up to 20 years.

One North Carolina Fund (OneNC)
OneNC is a discretionary cash grant program that allows the Governor to offer financial resources to location selection projects involving competition from other states. OneNC calculates grants on number of jobs created, capital investment, project location, economic impact of the project, industry type, and the importance of the project to the state and region. OneNC requires a local government match to the amount of OneNC funding.

North Carolina Community College Customized Training Program
North Carolina's customized training program is available to both companies new to North Carolina and those already located in the state. Customized training programs may be designed and instructed through trainers from one of North Carolina's 58 community colleges that are part of the statewide network of technical training experts. Customized training is designed to support job growth, technology investment, and productivity enhancement.

On-The-Job Training (OJT)
North Carolina offers an OJT program that provides resources from state workforce development agencies for training and retraining of company employees. OJT is available for new, expanding, and existing companies and company reimbursement may be for up to 50 percent of employee wages during on-the-job training for a specified period. Companies with 250 or fewer employees may be reimbursed for up to 75 percent.

Notice: This list of economic development incentive programs is intended to provide a high-level overview of commonly pursued state discretionary programs. A comprehensive analysis of project details will determine the full scope of state and local incentive programs that may be available to support a specific project.

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