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Economic Incentives

Corporate executives often approve new projects involving investments in real estate facilities, machinery, and equipment based on the impact on the company’s capital investment by government investment in economic incentives. Financial incentives often determine whether a company moves forward with a project or influences the final location decision.


Federal, state, and local governments aggressively offer financial incentives to attract and retain jobs, capital investment, and modern technologies to their tax district, mainly when a company evaluates multiple states for the project. Governments decide the amount of incentives to offer by statute or a net benefit test to calculate the project’s impact on tax revenue and the multiplier effect of economic growth.


Incentives negotiated to attract investments may include:

  • Cash grants

  • Infrastructure improvements

  • Property tax abatements

  • Sales & use tax exemption

  • Tax credits

  • Training grants


Criteria used by the government to determine the level of assistance for economic development projects:


  • Number of jobs (new, retained, shifted from other locations)

  • Average annual salary

  • Skillsets of jobs, degree of employee training

  • Amount of capital investment

  • Project location

  • Industry type

  • Technology used

  • Availability of other government funding

  • Political environment


BlueCap aids companies in developing critical location criteria and implementing thorough evaluation processes for finding future business locations resulting from a need to expand an existing facility, enter new markets, or merge locations

Incentives & Compliance

Incentives often drive the approval

of company capital budgets by supporting initial capital investments in facilities and equipment, reducing operating costs, and lessening the impact of government taxes and regulations.

Incentives Management

Governments require companies to complete annual reporting to ensure the company achieves its commitments for jobs and capital investment. BlueCap manages reporting for clients for the term of each incentive to ensure clients receive the benefits offered.


BlueCap helps communities of all sizes by implementing strategies focused on industry development, job creation, and tax base stability. BlueCap aids in creating strategic plans, marketing plans, cluster industry analyses, and other economic development activities to attract corporate investment and ensure economic growth.

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