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BlueCap has completed numerous site selection projects, both nationally and internationally, for several corporate clients.  Our approach involves a systematic analysis of project location factors to evaluate suitable locations for business investment.  Site selection projects may involve an in-depth analysis of key location factors, such as a labor market study or a tax burden analysis, or other location-based factors that may potentially drive a client to one location versus another.  Location factors may carry varying importance weights based on the requirements of the client while seeking a new location.


Location factors may include:


Transportation infrastructure 

  • Roadway infrastructure

  • Airline service

  • Rail access

  • Port access


Proximity to markets (existing and future)

  • Customers

  • Suppliers

  • Competitors



  • Availability and quality of the workforce

  • Wage rates 

  • Education infrastructure



  • Connectivity and speed

  • Fiber optics

  • Internet


Real Estate

  • Availability and cost

  • Timing

  • Ongoing operating costs

  • Environmental condition



  • Availability and redundancy

  • Reliability

  • Cost

  • Cost related to climate


Tax Structure

  • State & local tax burden

  • Stability



  • Availability

  • Impact on project

  • Commitments


Government Regulation

  • Impact on business

  • Cost and timing of permit approval


Quality of Life

  • The attraction of qualified workforce



BlueCap utilizes a three-phased approach to site selection.


Phase I – Project formulation

  • Develop project summary

  • Identify decision criteria including key location factors and other factors that may impact a decision

  • Select sites for preliminary analysis

  • Evaluation of sites

  • Select sites for further evaluation


Phase II – Site analysis

  • Request proposal from each site in the evaluation process

  • Facilitate visitations to communities to meet with economic development teams, government officials, area businesses, and other professionals

  • Tour available real estate

  • Initiate incentives discussion (coincides with the commencement of real estate negotiation)

  • Summarize site visits and incentive details for the client

  • Select finalist sites for final evaluation


Phase III – Final Evaluation

  • Final incentive negotiation

  • Present final report to client

  • Select final site

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